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New Website Launch Party Giveaway

Welcome to LifehackArt (LHA) new website launch party giveaway! The goal of the site makeover is to provide all visitors with a simpler way to learn about lifehacks including cryptocurrency, technology, and digital marketing. These subjects are not limited. Additionally, the new site makes it easier for people who need help to find reliable ICO, new crypto, and other relevant issues, reviews, and much more things.

We’ll show you new opportunities of digital life and how you can achieve a richer life by a few simple techniques.  It is our hope that the breadth of our work is now clearer to partners and supporters who care deeply about cryptocurrencies.

We will continue to update www.lifehackart.com with important program and service updates, LHA announcements, and blog posts highlighting both our work and the incredible people we serve.

To celebrate our website launch we are hosting a simple giveaway for our supporter. It’s just the beginning and we will host a giveaway every week/month. We will announce our regular giveaway and winners page shortly.

Winner announcement: 

Congratulations to Borislava Z. from Russia. 

The winner has responded our email and claimed her e-card.

Thank you to everyone who supports us. Stay with us for more giveaways.


Website Launch Party Giveaway - Win $50 Amazon gift card

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