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How do you find good ICO’s?

Finding a good ICO was never been easier, however some easy calculations and watching market can make it simple. ICOAlert and CoinMarketCap are the best places to find ICO’s worth investing in. By following rules, you can find good ICO easily.


How do you find good ICO’s?

Start with the ICO token metrics. First, calculate market cap to make sure they are not overvaluing themselves compared to other ICOs or existing altcoins.

Determine the Market Cap of the ICO:

Calculate the token price with this formula ETH Current Price/Num Tokens per ETH

Now multiply Token Price * Number of Tokens in Circulation (tokens sold in crowdsale + presale)


How do you find good ICO’s using Coinmarketcap.com?

ICOAlert is a list of up and coming, current, and recently ended ICO’s. It is a great resource to find undervalued up and coming CryptoCurrency that may be very valuable in the future.

Without a doubt, ICO Alert is the only comprehensive list of ICOs. The website has a variety of features that allow you to easily research these digital currencies. The website quotes:

ICO Alert does not provide investment, financial, or legal advice. This site cannot substitute for professional advice and independent factual verification. ICO Alert does not endorse any initial coin offerings advertised on this site but does receive compensation for advertising certain offerings in the purple text below and in the purple banner above. The content provided or linked on this site is for informational purposes only.

The good old days when Bitcoin was only $4000…

CoinMarketCap is also a great place to research new investments. Coinmarketcap hosts real-time data of most CryptoCurrencies such as prices, volume, exchanges, and much more. Learn everything about a CryptoCurrency using the search tab.

So from this, we can see these websites are legitimate sources for researching these new tokens. Using ICO Alert along with CoinMarketCap is your best bet for finding new ICO’s worth investing in. Good luck with your CryptoCurrency investments! If you have missed an ICO but would like to still invest in the coin afterward, most of the trustworthy coins end up on Binance.


A bonus tip here.

Check out their existing product and code:

For this step, you don’t have to know programming or anything like that. You will just want to go to their Build software better, together account as this is where they will store the code for their project. You can see how often they update their code and how active they are developing. Also, do some research on their past products if they are an existing business that is just expanding by offering an ICO.

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